Integrated design

Integrated design.

Integrated design of buildings and constructions of various purpose includes the development of all sections of the project at all stages, and the stages of its progress, from data preparation to design to commissioning. In this case the Company “Meridian -CTM” takes over the functions of the General Designer, which allows the customer to save time searching for project organizations on specific parts of the project . In the event that our company delivers comprehensive design – all questions Customer solves only with us. In turn, LLC “Meridian -CTM ” is fully responsible to the Customer for the delivery time and the quality of the overall project .


Integrated design allows you to achieve several goals:

1. Raise the quality of design documentation, organically linking together all the architectural and construction, design, technology and engineering decisions made during the development of project documentation for the project.

2. Save time with the customer to find the designers on the individual systems of the object: energy supply, ventilation, eliminate time spent on carrying out tenders and bids for the selection of subcontractors.

3. Optimize the timing of the development of project documentation as well as eliminating the need for time-consuming consistency between the various project organizations.

4. Reduce the cost of the project documentation.


Architectural Design

This section of the documentation for the construction and urban planning documents containing architectural solutions that take into account the complex social, economic, functional, engineering, technical, fire, sanitation, environmental, architectural and artistic and other requirements for the project to the extent necessary for the development of the documentation for construction of facilities.

The architectural design of buildings and structures can be developed as a part of the project as a whole, and as a separate, independent design phase . The architectural design of the building

(structure) is developed on the basis of the design assignment in accordance with the requirements of the original and approvals.

Development of the concept of the building (Pre-offers land development). At the stage of development of pre- proposals is the location of the object in the area, developed the basic space-planning decisions are determined by technical and economic performance, style trends and options available, depending on the destination of the future project : house, office building , hotel, shopping mall, office center, restaurant, car showroom, service stations, gas stations, gated complex. The structure of PP stage include: explanatory note, the scheme of the General Plan , floor plans (schemes of functional zoning ), sections (schemes ), sketches, elevations, rendering the object in several ways. Pre- proposals may serve as a customer for going to local governments for ” urban conditions and restrictions of land development.”


Draft Project .

At the design stage VC developed in more detail the major space-planning, architectural and artistic object solutions. VEP composition comprises: an explanatory note , floor plans showing the main space, the approximate location of door, window and other openings, vertical communication, groups of furniture and objects interior sections showing elevation of the main premises and benchmarks, designs and options for interior color scheme of the main premises without going into detail, the facades .


Architectural “Project”.

At this stage, the final architectural design developed space-planning and architectural and construction solutions object: floor plans with the application of the axes, the main dimensions of space and planning markers; explication of premises showing the exact acreage , location of door, window and other openings, stairs, elevators, lifts and fencing, sections showing all the planning and marks the main room height ), elevations showing the necessary grades and levels, passports facades. According to the current legal requirements stage “Project” is being developed in an amount sufficient to identify the main volume of construction works, the need for building materials and resources.


Architectural solutions “Working documentation “.

This stage is used for construction work and can be developed as the project organization, and the general contractor. In this case, all planning decisions must comply with the approved “Project” stage. In “working documents” includes basic drawings: floor plans with the application of the axes, the main dimensions of space and planning markers; plans masonry, walls, floors, ceilings, solutions to fill door and window frames, roofing, insulation, components, parts (including calculations and all specifications), statements decoration, etc.


Section ” Solution”.

Includes determining the optimal design concept of the building ( structure), the type used for concrete construction materials object – piece stone, precast concrete, metal, reinforced concrete , wood, etc. Constructors LLC “Meridian -CTM “, based on the destination and number of stories of the building, taking into account the complexity of architectural decisions to recommend the best solution according to the criteria of “price -quality- reliability” for your object. The customer will receive a high-quality design solutions than the “KM “, “QL “, allowing fast and technologically reliable and inexpensive to build a beautiful building . Calculations of the design concept and the design is carried out in licensed programs by experienced certified professionals that allows you to receive high-quality projects.



Company “Meridian -CTM ” according to the requirements of current legislation provides quality supervision services for the construction and installation work on our projects under construction at various facilities . In the face of our customer receives a reliable partner who monitors compliance with design solutions, and provides all the necessary consultations. If necessary, in order of supervision, the customer has the opportunity to reconcile design solution that allows you to not affecting the quality of construction works to reduce the cost, using cheaper analogues of materials and equipment. In the production of supervision we try to offer the best combination of “price – quality” of the materials used, take into account the constant changes in the market of building materials and equipment.


Technological design

Technological design – this is by far the most important component of the concept of the future of the enterprise. Technological design should ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise, take into account all production processes, as well as comply with all the rules in force in the territory of Ukraine. Our designers have the experience to perform process design, using modern equipment and advanced technology in the guaranteed terms. High professionalism and individual approach to each client, accuracy and diligence – the basic principle of our work. The staff of “Meridian -CTM ” make every effort to ensure that the enterprise technology project to meet the highest standards!


Company “Meridian -CTM ” specializes in technological design :

• The catering industry – restaurants, bars and cafes;

• Administrative offices and shopping centers

• Service station – station, gas station, gas stations, roadside service;

• The enterprises of food and processing industry – canning , wine, liquor , meat , fat , fish-processing , processing enterprises and grain storage, bottling of mineral water ;

• Object storage purposes, refrigerators, vegetable stores,

Section of the project “Technological solutions” includes: an explanatory note, technological scheme of production, plans to deploy the process equipment, equipment specification.


Engineering systems

The basis for the development of projects of engineering systems (with the engineering and manufacturing equipment and engineering services including domestic) serve architectural and engineering design. Project engineering systems focused on the most efficient and proven components, materials, and construction and engineering equipment. Projects of engineering systems are used to:

* Determine the composition and characteristics of engineering equipment.

* Calculate the power consumption of energy resources of the future facility.

Our team will draft on internal engineering equipment, external networks and engineering structures:

* Heating and District Heating.

* Ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration.

* Domestic and drinking water supply, hot water supply

* HOUSEHOLD, storm drainage and sewage systems.

* Domestic electrical equipment and lighting, external power supply.

* Pumping, ITP, instrumentation and A.

Having ordered the drafting of internal and external engineering systems in the Company “Meridian -CTM” You will get the best , technological and economical solutions that meet the highest modern standards.


Design of special facilities.

The staff of “Meridian -CTM ” incorporates an experienced and highly professional designers who are able to develop projects of specialized , narrow-profile areas, including, tanks, gas tanks, water towers, cooling towers, etc, design aspiration, pneumatic, airtranspoting installations, special foundations, bearing and protecting designs, galleries, trestles, sewers, tunnels, pillars, shelves, retaining walls, etc.


Development of design – projects.

Design – project (or section ARI) defines all the major stylistic, ergonomic and colors of residential and commercial applications. The client wants to spend their money in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere shop, cafe, entertainment complex, to live in an apartment where every piece of furniture laid out and full of meaning. We are delighted to be working with talented designers and architects and are ready to fulfill your wildest wishes. Our advantage is that we fill the desires of beauty and creative flights of imagination harmonious engineering solutions, allowing to translate into reality wildest wishes.

Development of estimates:

Qualitatively -designed budget – one of the most important documents in construction. Only by receiving a comprehensive estimate of the Investor (the Customer) can plan the progress of the project, plan their financial activities to make decisions on investment or loans. We are ready to work for you in the official licensed version of the program budget AVC budget documentation as soon as possible.